Books are the quietest and most constant of friends

I just like to read.
The Good Son - Michael Gruber If it was possible to give this novel six stars, then I’d be adding seven.

Told from the point of view of three main characters: Theo the “Good Son”, Sonia his mother, and Cynthia an NSA translator. Michael Gruber explores the nature of the USA security bureaucracy, the “war” on terrorism, Pashtun culture, Afghanistan, Pakistani society and the tenets of Islam ... from a Jungian perspective!

To put it simply, I found it a multifaceted and complex novel. “Second Son” is wholly responsible for two seriously late nights.
The Bone Bed - Patricia Cornwell Kay tracks serial killer. Kay worries about Lucy. Kate worries about Marino. Kate worries about Benton the morose. Kay cooks something with lots of fresh herbs and garlic.
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke Think of Jane Austen disappearing down the rabbit hole instead of Alice, and providing the reader with a witty and delightful history of the “glorious revival of English magic”.
Last Light - Alex Scarrow An apocalyptic novel where the world’s oil supply mysteriously stops. Vague conspiracy theories and unsympathetic cardboard cutout characters turned this story into a huge yawn.
A Taste for Death - P.D. James As always, PD James crafts her characters with such richness and psychological depth, that the story line almost becomes irrelevant.
The Blue Nowhere - Jeffery Deaver Where state of the art computer hackers download information onto floppy disks and are easily identified by their calloused fingertips from all that keyboard pounding. As for the internet, it’s a ruinous addition for the socially inept. A narrative that is clichéd, contrived, with outdated technology and any lack of authenticity from the author.
Instinct - Jeremy Robinson and I quote "they'd been caught with their pants down in a subterranean necropolis by a horde of superhuman she things" ... enough said!
One Grave Too Many - Beverly Connor Plodding pedestrian prose.
The First Rule - Robert Crais The continuing saga of Elvis Cole or as he likes to call himself ‘the world’s greatest detective’ except in this novel Elvis plays a secondary role to his cohort, Joe Pike.
What can I say? Joe Pike meets bad guys. Joe Pike dispatches bad guys. Joe Pike speaks less than ten complete sentences in the entire narrative.

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